I want my MTV

I've been in La for a while rehabing from my summer of plastic surgery, so I'm thrilled to be back in the BIG D! My hopes for surgery was to bring my face back to it's youth possibly even back to my preteens in the eighties. As you can tell I wasn't successful in my fanceyful journey, so I chose to update my wardrobe instead with a modern take on this rock n roll era. I'm positively obsessed with Marc Jacobs and his last season made me gitty with tons of sequins and references to MTV and popular culture. I also can't get enough Gucci as spotted in my platform kickers, delicious. I always carry a stylish bag as a signature item this time it's a Givenchy zip in black and white! Pants are slim cut to complete this look by Thom Browne! Sometimes you don't have to go under the knife to re hash your past!