Amfar LA

Well, it’s been a while since I’ve written but, here we are! I’ve been having a lot of medical stuff done this year so it’s been a little spotty on the blogging! I guess I could write while on a hydro or other but opted out! While in LA during a recent visit to plastic surgern, a girlfriend and I attended there annual AMFAR event. So fun!! If you ever have a chance to score a invite it’s a must, this year it was held at the famous Green Acres Estate. Huge drive up, cocktails on lawn, tented diner and did I mention the Ferge and Chris Martin Performed. Other highlights were meeting Goldie Hawn and Julia Roberts, plus Bethany Frankle danced the night away at the after party! All in all, amazing and glad my girlfriend could make such a meaningful evening with me! Ck out coverage on